Well, I never properly ended off my category about my laptop and linux.  As I said somewhere in the previous post, it has to do with the BIOS, or more accurately the lack there of.

I gave up on getting linux onto my laptop and working for a number of reasons.  The biggest one was I didn’t have enough time to get the damn thing done.  The other was  it was to big of a fight with my parents who seem to think that they can consume all of my free time.  The end result of that was it was literally causing my mind to crash and burn.

So, about a week ago I booted up a distro called Back Track 4, just for grins and giggles.  Or because I really want linux.  Guess what?  The Ubuntu (or rather Kubuntu) based distro worked.  I figured what the heck, with a server that runs all the time I’ll download the live disc and have a gander at Kubuntu, and it seems to be working properly.  The fan runs at least, which is something I didn’t have with the other versions.  I”m going to try to get Kubuntu installed within the month.  Maybe I can have my birthday off to do whatever the hell I want (its a Sunday after all).

I don’t normally like Ubuntu.  I personally think it more of a “kiddie” OS, though there are those that would disagree with me.  Perhaps their thoughts on the subject are well founded.  Again, debating linux distros is worse then debating Apple and Redmond.  (I only debate whether the x86 and x86_64 is better then Apple’s platform, which x86 is surely better for a number of reasons). Update: Apple sucks, plain and simple.  I can stand people that can use both windows and macs and make a LOGICAL and fair argument for why they PREFER one or the other.  Debating the flavors of linux is redundant to.  However, at least you are comparing kiwi to kiwi, and not kiwis to oranges to crap (mac).  Now, back to the main content: I also dislike its (Ubuntu’s) overwhelming popularity.  I tend to avoid anything like that.  Popularity really makes me wary of things.  But in this case, it seems to be working in its favor.  People have the shitty insydeh20 bios that Toshiba used for the laptop, and Canonical seems to have listened.  Its great.

But first I think I need to reinstall Windows 7.  Yes, the OS that I installed back somewhere in January.  I seem to be having a driver issue that I think is related to update I received, since the mouse works perfectly within Linux.

Another Update: Since I threatened the OS with a re-install, its been behaving.  A update must have screwed the system up, which is what I figured.

Does that might mean that there’s going to be yet ANOTHER guide on Dual Booting a computer?  Probably, we’ll see how lazy I’m feeling.

Until I next post, goodnight.