DMR Repeater

I’m hosting a DMR repeater in Northern Illinois! Tagline: Slightly less then terrible!

It probably isn’t very good. In fact, I’m sure its terrible. Actually, it does pretty okay for what it is. But it does have coverage to Rochelle, overlapping Il 64, some parts of Dekalb, and the better part of Shabbona along Route 30.

View config information on RepeaterBook. You can also view the current status and a reasonably accurate coverage map at the Brandmeister status page here.

Want to support the only DMR Repeater in the Ogle/Lee County region?  Hit me up. I could use the following items, or you can pick some things out from the Amazon wish list.

Status Reports:

April 2024

Down.  Toasted another power supply.  Ooops.

February 2024

And we’re back up. I upgraded from pi-star to W0CHP’s WPSD Mostly because the raspbian base OS in pi-star was out of date. Internet attached devices need to be updated.

Posthumous December 2023

Down for some reason. I think the curse of the raspberry pi struck and corrupted the sd card.

May 2023

Duplexer was installed, RSSI configuration was attempted and failed

November 2002

I don’t know why I’m struggling getting the repeater information updated across brandmeister, radioID, and repeater book (see the “not very good comment above“) but for realsies …. The repeater transmits on 449.32. It has a negative offset, so the uplink is 444.32. Color Code 4.

October 2022

Repeater is open for all to use.

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