DMR Repeater

I’m hosting a DMR repeater in Northern Illinois!

It probably isn’t very good. In fact, I’m sure its terrible. But it does have coverage to Rochelle, some parts of Dekalb, the better part of Shabbona along Route 30.

View the Brandmeister status page & Coverage map here.

View config information on RepeaterBook

Updates & Progress Reports

  • Repeater is open for all to use.
  • As of July 4th 2022 we’re in limited testing. More details to come.
  • Upgrades planned for the weekend of 4/22/23, assuming the duplexer arrives. This should also improve range slightly.  Post duplexer install, I intend to calibrate the RSSI system.  It will be the first time I do something like that so it will prove both interesting and challenging.
  • Duplexer was installed, RSSI configuration was attempted and failed

I don’t know why I’m struggling getting the repeater information updated across brandmeister, radioID, and repeater book (see the “not very good comment above“) but for realsies …. The repeater transmits on 449.32. It has a negative offset, so the uplink is 444.32. Color Code 4.

Want to support the only DMR Repeater in the Ogle/Lee County region?  Hit me up. I could use the following items, or you can pick some things out from the Amazon wish list.

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