Its been along time since I’ve posted here.  I was busy.  Now I’m not.  Don’t ask.

I recently ordered a GlobalSat ND-100S USB GPS Dongle from Amazon.  I’m returning it because it failed me on a recent war drive.  It appears to be unwilling to talk to Linux in a usable format on a consistent basis.  I had to shift it into GWS 3.0 & 3.1 via an extra piece of software.  And it did starting flashing on my trip indicating a GPS lock.

My hardware/software setup was to use the Hak5 Pineapple MarkV and set one radio into monitor mode.  Then I would use GPSD to feed back GPS coordinates from the ND-100S.  GPSD would give me a semi-constant

 ERROR: No update from GPSD in 15 seconds or more, attempting to reconnect message

So I decided to let Kismet handle talking to the GPS chip.  A quick check at home showed that Kismet recognized that it needed to manage the GPS dongle, and would in fact use it.

However, I couldn’t get it to actually locate anything for me.  I’ve read various reviews stating that it did work with Kismet, however in my case I couldn’t get it to behave.  I confess that this may be due to my inexperience with GPS dongles, a bad software configuration, or many other things.  With GPSD not returning error messages and Kismet seeming to be fine, frankly I’m flying in the dark.  There’s not much to be gathered from the internet on the error message.

So, back it goes to amazon and I’ll have to find a different GPS dongle to use.