Random update time!

This is my (crappy) multimeter. I had to sharpen the probes because they weren’t able to fit into network plugs, preventing me from checking the continuity of my cables. Note the elastic hair band used to keep the wires and probes from getting tangled and what not in the tool box. Steal one from your sister. You can’t have mine. I think using a hair band is particularly clever because they won’t break down or lose elasticity like rubber bands do.

One is a crossover cable, following the pinout here. I also made loopback plug from the instructions on that page. I will be making his passive sniffer later. I’ll also upload and write some instructions when I get it made.

MY FEDORA STICKERS CAME!! Its awesome. These aren’t “el-cheapo” stickers, they are the real deal heavy duty foil styles. You can find the information on getting some stickers on the Fedora Wiki.

Also, I’m starting to have a “spam problem” on my blog. Hehe.