Biological Systems Album coverI’ve found myself listening to this album alot lately.  It’s something that you can get lost in, and the only way you know that you’ve started again from the beginning is the unique intro.

The album starts out in what I imagine to be a corner coffee shop, somewhere outside in France.  You can hear people laughing, and a accordion playing.  From there, the beat changes and so does the album.  It begins.  The album features a driving back beat, with alot of synthesized piano runs. Existing on the album are pure piano runs and modified, effects modifies drives.  Ever shifting, the authors manage to flow from one track to the next. Listen for the stereo shifting drum beats on the end of Back to Psicodelia, the second track of the album. MMS Project extends this even further with its next track, Out of Cell. Flowing, shifting, changing is a way to describe the album.

This is a dance album, something you could move to. Something to workout to. Or, as I do I use it to help relax and control my mind’s speed. I’ve been listening it to the last few hours and I am sure that it gets alot of playtime on my mp3 player. 

This album is what a true trance dance album should be, something that flows from track to track. Something to get lost it without knowing. It has the power to help you focus on your work, or focus on the music itself.

I’d like to describe the album more, but I’m terrible with words.  You should download and listen yourself.  Yes, I said download.  You can even do it legally.  Biological Systems is listened under the Creative Commons License, meaning you’re free to review, copy, burn give away, sample and more.  But the best part is the freedom to download.

Take a gander and listen, you might enjoy it. M.M.S. Project, Biological Systems