I always try to use software in a portable format. This means it leaves nothing in the way of registry entries or dropping somewhere on the system.

I’m happy to report that the Teamspeak 3 Official Client is natively portable.

Since it uses QT4, is has the requisite trolltech registry entries left in the registry. But anything important gets directed to a folder called “config” (if present) in the install directory. I’ll probably be making a quick launcher to handle these few QT annoyances, but I make no promises.

In short, to carry your TeamSpeak 3 client with you, just use the option in the installer that says it will save settings to the install directory. Alternately, you could make a folder called “config” in the Teamspeak 3 folder and have it save its settings there.

*Update: It seems I missed seeing something in the regshot I took. There’s a key, HKCUSoftwareTeamSpeak 3 Client. There’s nothing in there, but it will come back on every run.